14 Oct


It has been a while, far too long! Why has it been so long?  Shall we say…type A, perfectionism, and lack of inspiration?  Think that pretty much hits the nail on the head. It isn’t that I don’t want to blog, I enjoy immensely writing about my days with the boys and documenting the activities we do.  It is often that I get hung up on making a post perfect. Realize that keeping to a schedule will help inspire me (plus I recently pinned many new things!).

A friend recently sent me a link to a blog I rather enjoyed. The gal who writes the blog has a structure to how she posts things and I rather like that idea. She posts every day, which is a bit advantageous for me at this point. Felt the following was a bit realistic for me currently. My hope is that it will inspire and get this blog going! The following days are days I will post something new.

I also ran into a fun mom and her five boys today while shopping. We started chatting and I gave her both my blog and pinterest information. She stated that she is looking for inspiration of things to do with her three year old (as her other four are back in school). She said it is challenging to figure out things to do with him as his siblings normally entertained him. Let me say, she is not alone, I have heard this from several mothers.

It is for such a purpose that I write both my blogs! My hope is that mothers, nannies, governesses, and caregivers can find a place for inspiration and connection. That being said, I absolutely enjoy hearing from my readers (you guide this blog by your interest and comments). If you did a project, how did it turn out?

Here is my proposed posting schedule (subject to change at my discretion, but I will let you know if I decide to change it up!)

Monday– Memory Monday. I will share a memory from the past week.

Tuesday-Trip Tuesday (every other week) I will tell you about a trip we took, the fun we had and potential challenges we faced.

Wednesday-Wacky Wednesday (This will be a challenge day, a day where I give you (the reader) a challenge. Take that week to complete the challenge and post your results in next weeks comment section!)

Saturday-Craft/Activity post. I will post a craft or activity we did that week.

Have an idea for a theme day? I would enjoy hearing about it in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day,

catch you for Memory Monday!

Nanny G


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