Elf Antics – Week 1

8 Dec

Ollie was a greater hit than anticipated! He arrived on the evening of December 1st. Unfortunately I was not at the family’s home the evening he arrived to see the excitement  😦 But I did get to hear all about it!  He arrived on December 1st in the evening in a box with a letter from Santa. IMG_1642 (1)



Mom put the box in the freezer (neat idea I found online) as elf is coming from the north pole after all (the boys are observant and did notice it was cold). Mom put the box on the doorstep and knocked on the door, making it away before the 5-year-old twins could see her. The boys were excited and puzzled to find a box the them and their sister.

The funny part? Dad wasn’t clued in and said “Lets wait until Christmas to open it.” Mom let the boys open it and one of the boys said something about the magic dust, ‘where is it?’ ‘Oh, there it is’ he says as there was glitter that had fallen from a piece of tissue paper (totally not planned). Apparently due to advertising the boys have seen “Elf on a shelf” online, so the other twin said ‘oh, it’s elf on a shelf’

The next morning the boys looked everywhere for elf and couldn’t find him. When they sat down at breakfast they found Ollie hanging from the chandelier, how fun!  They were quite amused by this. When they came home that afternoon the boys told me all about elf, as of course I naturally had no idea about what this unexpected visitor was doing at their home 😉


One boys said, ‘He is alive’ ‘Can you believe it, he really is alive.?!’ I read the letter and read them the part about talking to elf or writing to him, one boy went right to writing him a letter. Which by the way, I only know what a few words are and he refuses to tell us what it says.

Here are some pictures of Ollies first week. Hope you enjoy!



For his first day he was hanging around from the chandelier. The boys were so

amused that he had moved from his shelf near the tv. See the note?


Besides the word red (which was asked to be spelled, I have no idea

what this note says!) I even asked and the writer refused to tell

me what it says. I’ll share with you how I remedy this later


Sledding down banister


For this one, one of the twins had Maw Maw get out of bed and get dressed

to come see! He also reminded Paw Paw that Elf must not be touched.


Toilet paper snowman (they were especially amused by the writing on the mirror)


Getting into the Cheerios


He has some on his face 🙂


Reading to Toys



Brushing teeth. The boys thought it was funny he made such a mess!


Sitting in wreath with note (Have a good day at school)



I also found some fun rhymes that can be added easily any day with Elf

and gingerbread note cards for a personal note.

These should make some days easy planning!

gingerbread man blank note

Printable Elf Poems

And to show that things get messy before they were neat…


It’s all part of the creative process 🙂

What’s been your favorite Elf antic so far? We’d all like to hear in the comments below!

Nanny G


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