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Trip Tuesday-Park

25 Oct

We went to one of our favorite parks and the trip was a success. Sure there wern’t huge moments of amazement but an uneventful trip to the park with an 18mo old and 5 year old is a success in my book!

There is a fun red tunnel slide on the hillside and ample room to run in the grass and on various equipment. This time we took the little scooters (for lack of a better term I use the word scooter. the kiddos can sit on them and use their feet to make the device go). This proved a hit because the sidewalks are slightly elevated and Mack was able to get some speed going but yet be safe by not having to steep of a hill. This kept him busy most of our stay there.

Little one enjoyed watching his brother, chasing after him and screeching with delight, but absolutely refused to ride his scooter. He also enjoyed climbing the stairs to the jungle gym as well as sliding down the slide. It was a short visit to the park, 30 minutes in all. Both were happy and didn’t give a big fuss when leaving as we were going home to meet mom and dad!


Have you gone on a fun outing lately (please share in the comments below!)?

be active,

Nanny G

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