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“That is why I love you all the way to 64!”

20 May

Mack is learning what numbers mean and today while putting sunscreen on his face he worried about me getting sunscreen in his eyes (hasn’t happened yet but seriously why are children suddenly so squirrely when you apply sunscreen? Is it the anticipation of going outside to play perhaps?). I let him know I would be careful and that if he held still it would make it easier for me to not get it into his eyes. That’s when he proclaimed “That’s why I love you all the way to 64!” Well, I’m not sure exactly what that means, but his tone of voice and big smile let me know that this meant quite a bit!

The boys have grown so much over the past year. Year, did I just say that? I sure did, can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly! They have grown up so much and continue to amaze me each day.

We had so much fun this week. We made paper bag puppets, checked out some fun books, and gave mom her mother’s day gift. All these will be posts for a later time in more detail but for now I wanted to get some of my thoughts down.

Little one is not so little any more. His favorite word it “no!” and “right now!’ Gentle reminders of ‘more please’ rather than ‘right now!’ are a daily occurrence. He is becoming independent and learning just how powerful words are.

Here is a sneak peek at a puppet we made. Find out what he and his friends are in the next post

What am I?

What am I?

Hope you have sunshine where you are!

Nanny G


First project!

7 Apr

Well, here we are with the first project done with the boys. Have to say it was a success.

This day was my second with the boys. The snow had melted and only a light jacket was needed to be outside. After a bit-o-sunscreen on our faces, out we went.  We all just pretty much stayed in the sandbox.  Little one*  kept leaning back and looking up at the sky, nearly tipping over as he did so (think he only managed to actually tip once.).  He had me laughing a few times!

It was really nice to be in their moments with them. Children are very in the moment little people.  We also enjoyed listening and spotting the many airplanes in the blue sky.  Mack* was  really enjoying looking for them as he heard the sound they made. There was never a time he was not equally amazed at the next one’s appearing.

Another fun moment was when I was putting Little One down for a nap. Apparently I forgot to turn the fan in the hallway on and Mack runs up and opens the door and says (in his cute high squeaky 4 year old voice)

“You forgot to turn on the fan!”

“Thank You” I said, while tying to be a bit quiet as Little One was nodding off.

Apparently Mack didn’t hear because he pokes his head in the door and says, “Can you say Thank you?”

“Thank you” I said.

It took everything within me not to burst out laughing. I have been working on asking not telling adults what to do and he was simply putting into action what I was teaching him.  Loved this moment!

Oh, the first project you say? Patience, here it is.  We did paint in a bag.  It is a project that, surprise, surprise, I found on pinterest.  The original idea can be found on the feeling Lovesome blog http://feelinglovesome.blogspot.com/2012/01/fun-with-paint.html Erin, the blog owner has worked 3 years as a preschool teacher and has some wonderful ideas!

This project is great for when you may be cooking and need something for the kids to work on while you are working. What is nice is that the mess stays in the bag. Believe me there are plenty of times they will have fun with sand, water, and finger paints. Sometimes it is nice to have an easy cleanup project.  Beware that little ones may want to bite the bag, so supervision is always necessary.

Mixing colors and  hand-eye coordination are a few things they will take away from this project.  Adding extra objects will allow them to experiment with what kinds of tracks different object make.

What you will need for this project:

  • Gallon zip lock bags
  • Washable finger paint (in a variety of colors)
  • Strong tape
  • Optional: objects such as crayons, cars, etc

Next  open all the paint lids

( I find this useful so I can have my other hand to keep the bag open)

With one hand hold bag open and squeeze desired amount of paint into bag

Then seal bag

To secure bag more add the tape

All set!

Add different object for added fun!


* the terms “Little one” and “Mack” will be used throughout this blog  as the names of my charges I work with,  to protect their identity.  I came up with the terms because the 11 mo. old is so tiny and cute I can’t help but call him “Little one.” Mack is pretty self explanatory in that the 4 year old is obsessed with  Cars!

Did you enjoy this post? Let me know what you enjoyed about it  by leaving a comment below.

On to the next project… what will it be?

(hint, it has jello as an ingredients)

Nanny G

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