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“Look at prikes peak”

30 Oct

Today I had a lovely time with the boys at the park. Mack pipes up while I was pushing him in the swing. “Look at prikes peak, its beautiful.” (Incase you are new here and were wondering, he is 5 years old.) Took me a moment to realize he meant pikes peak. He noted that there was snow up on the mountain (although what he was pointing to was not pikes peak, I believe). The sun was out and it was about 68 today, big change from the snow we had last week.

Today we made two batches of play dough and a volcano with the leftover play dough we made priorly. (Post to come soon of the volcano fun!) Mack enjoyed pouring the vinegar into the volcano and watch the lava come down the sides.

Little one enjoyed the park as well. He squealed with delight and the excitement he felt could hardly be contained in his little body, when he saw a train go by at the park. He was pointing and dancing and then looking at me as if to say, do you see that?! He also delighted and noticed each airplane that went overhead.

Mack also received a new pair of shoes today. To say he is a shoe fanatic is an understatement. Doesn’t matter whose they are, it’s always ‘shoe, shoe’ and he tries them on. He very much enjoyed walking in his new shoes.

There was a moment this evening that we explored in the yard together. He discovered a small bit of water in a container in the yard and enjoyed putting leaves and grass in it. Always makes me stop and see the wonder in the small things when a child does this.

It was a lovely sunny day here in Colorado, with a beautiful sunset.

Nanny G


First Day

4 Apr

My first day was great. My morning started by looking out my window and seeing seven deer munching on the grass less than ten feet from my window.  It was mesmerizing to watch and I lingered a while at my window with the backdrop of Pikes Peak. I was excited to be going to work, although who isn’t on their first day?

The day was a full ten hours and I certainly kept busy. I learned nap time routines and all the little things that happen during the boys’ day.

The great thing is although I am tired from my crazy month of packing and visiting friends,  I had a great day and am looking to my next day of work!

Since blogs are public  I am going to be using other names for the two boys in my care. Any ideas for some great names? If so leave me a comment below.  Also anything you are curious about or want me to expand on, leave me a comment. This blog is a work in progress and my audience in part will determine its path.

Thanks for stopping by to see how my day was.  There are so many things you could be doing and I am honored you stopped by!

Until next time,

Nanny G

Beginning thoughts

22 Mar

I am up to my ears with packing and getting ready to move to Colorado. Have not yet come up with activities for my first week with the boys.

I imagine I will do simple things as the first two weeks are getting into the routine and setting boundaries with them.

Really looking forward to getting to know these precious little ones and coming up with constructive things for them to do!
Thanks for stopping by to see where I am and what my blog is about. Leave me a comment and let me know you will be following my posts!

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