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“Hey little lady, can you get my frisbee?”

21 Mar

Oh, kids. They truly say the most interesting things at times don’t they?! Hence the reason my days are so full of fun, smiles, and laughter, and sometimes challenges (which I enjoy, as there is never a dull moment with two busy boys!)

The title of this post is what Mack said atop his play structure to the “little lady” up on her ¬†balcony from a home behind us. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud! Tried to get it again naturally on video, but to no avail. Etched in my memory for sure ūüôā ¬†Thankfully the “little lady” from next door did not hear his plea (although at some point I am sure we will have our frisbee back).

It has been months since I have written on this blog and g-ma kindly reminded me of this a few weeks back. Now that I have a decent sized screen, compared to the 10.1 inch netbook I was using previously, I hope I am¬†more consistent in my posts for g-ma, aunties, uncles, mom, dad, and all you wonderful followers. ūüôā

Much has happened in the past few months. Little One, is not so little any more. He is climbing, and saying many new words. Also amazing me daily with his comprehension of more complex things.

Both boys are great lovers of books and are always thrilled going together for a trip to the library. This has been a joy of mine to see their love of books, for it is in books that we learn and new worlds open up to us.

Machine books

Will be back again by early next week with some new updates!

take care,

Nanny G

p.s. For the record, she was a little lady. Adorable for sure, but not sure she would want to be told she was little.



Kool-aide twist

28 Oct

I have seen and done the shaving cream and paint idea with Mack several times. Have never tried it with Little One because he is still putting things in his mouth. Plus, I have never liked the smell of shaving cream. (If anyone has found one that smells decent, please let me know!)

Came up with my own twist to this one that even little one can do. You will need Kool-aide (non sweetened) and whipping cream. I just purchased the already made kind in the squirt can but one could make their own as well. Simply squirt little piles of whipped cream  and sprinkle with kool-aide.

This worked great for Little One. He was a little leery of the idea initially but then really had some fun with it! As observed from prior behavior he did try the mixture. Didn’t care too much for it though ūüôā I am guessing the kool-aide has a bitter flavor to it.




Think outside the box,

Nanny G



14 Oct


It has been a while, far too long! Why has it been so long? ¬†Shall we say…type A, perfectionism, and lack of inspiration? ¬†Think that pretty much hits the nail on the head. It isn’t that I don’t want to blog, I enjoy¬†immensely writing about my days with the boys and documenting the¬†activities¬†we do.¬†¬†It is often that I get hung up on making a post perfect. Realize that keeping to a schedule will help inspire me (plus I recently pinned many new things!).

A friend recently sent me a link to a blog I rather enjoyed. The gal who writes the blog has a structure to how she posts things and I rather like that idea. She posts every day, which is a bit advantageous for me at this point. Felt the following was a bit realistic for me currently. My hope is that it will inspire and get this blog going! The following days are days I will post something new.

I also ran into a fun mom and her five boys today while shopping. We started chatting and I gave her both my blog and pinterest information. She stated that she is looking for inspiration of things to do with her three year old (as her other four are back in school). She said it is challenging to figure out things to do with him as his siblings normally entertained him. Let me say, she is not alone, I have heard this from several mothers.

It is for such a purpose that I write both my blogs! My hope is that mothers, nannies, governesses, and caregivers can find a place for inspiration and connection. That being said, I absolutely enjoy hearing from my readers (you guide this blog by your interest and comments). If you did a project, how did it turn out?

Here is my proposed posting schedule (subject to change at my discretion, but I will let you know if I decide to change it up!)

Monday– Memory Monday. I will share a memory from the past week.

Tuesday-Trip Tuesday (every other week) I will tell you about a trip we took, the fun we had and potential challenges we faced.

Wednesday-Wacky Wednesday (This will be a challenge day, a day where I give you (the reader) a challenge. Take that week to complete the challenge and post your results in next weeks comment section!)

Saturday-Craft/Activity post. I will post a craft or activity we did that week.

Have an idea for a theme day? I would enjoy hearing about it in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day,

catch you for Memory Monday!

Nanny G

Shhh…..Don’t tell!

15 Jun

Fathers Day is coming up and I have been looking for the perfect gift. Pinterest had many ideas but none that really struck my fancy. I wanted something simple and classy. This idea originally came from pinterest, the fact that I used an apron. Dad likes to grill so I thought what a great way to give something useful as well as creative.

For this project you will need:

  • An apron (I used black)
  • Fabric paint
  • Paper plate (s)
  • Baby wipes

I purchased the apron at Williams Sonoma and was surprised it was just under $20.00. It is cotton and nice and sturdy, plus I love the cut. Paper plates are not a have to but they sure make the job easier on cleanup!

I looked online to find a suitable saying and laid my design out on paper first. The puff paints were a bit challenging to use, but I managed. The time I gave myself for this project was limited so I had to have the kids put their hand prints on while the writing was still drying (not ideal, but it turned out!).



Here is the finished product. Shhh…don’t tell, it is a surprise for fathers day (We’ll see how long Mack can keep that secret)!


What is your favorite memory of your Father?

Have a neat gift you have given?

Happy with the results!

Nanny G

When you hold my hand, you hold my heart

19 May

When it comes to gifts for Mothers (esp. of the charges I work with) I find that personal is best. This mothers day I decided on the hand print. Ran across a great idea (you guess it, Pinterest again!).

I liked the idea of having a hand print for each year. Have seen the heavy clay hand prints, and while those are fun…they are heavy and cumbersome and I haven’t seen them¬†displayed¬†in homes. For these reasons I really like this idea¬†http://www.modpodgerocksblog.com/2012/05/mothers-day-handprint-canvases.html

I knew it could be a challenge to trace the kids hands as they are 4 and 1. So I opted to use paint and get a hand print instead. Mack was easy peasy to do because he has been enjoying finger painting lately. I was able to get one good print from him.

Little one was a bit more challenging. I put the paint on his hand and quickly pressed his hand to the paper several times (with the hope that I could make one print work). He still puts things in his mouth so I quickly washed his hand off afterwards. He looked at me wondering what was going on as the I made the process really quick.

I enjoy crafty things. Have heard of Modge Podge but never purchased or worked with it. Now I have a whole jar and thinking there are more products  I can use this stuff for! If you have some ideas that you have used Modge Podge for, pass on the link or the idea (you may even see your idea featured here).

Here are the products you will need for this project:

  • Moge Podge
  • Sponge Paint Brushes (recommended¬†to me as the best to use with Modge Podge)
  • Patterned Paper
  • Plain Paper (for the heart)
  • Gel Pen (or something similar)
  • Pen/Pencil (to trace hand)
  • Canvas
  • Scissors

The lovely hand prints before:

I taped the prints to the back of the patterned paper and cut them out. One could trace the hand on the paper and then cut it out:

I then mod podged the canvas and centered the masterpiece. Then added another coat of modge podge on top..Voila!:

Then added a heart with their name and age written with gel pens (and added another coat of Modge Podge):

Aren’t they cute?

What projects have you done for  Mothers Day?

What is your most memorable gift as a Mother?

Have an idea you would like to see on this blog (hint: leave me a comment in the box below!) ? 

As always, appreciate you stopping by to catch up on my blog.

Enjoy your weekend and be blessed!

Nanny G

Just in case the title had you thinking of a song, yes, that was the intention! It is lyrics from  an oldie the Chantrellines When you hold my hand, you hold my heart.

Dinosaurs, snakes, and eggs, oh my!

12 May

No, we are not taking a prehistoric tour, although you could if you wanted to!  It is play dough time. Remember my previous comment about jello on a previous post?  If you are on pinterest you may have seen this, if not, the secret ingredient to this recipe is jello!

Here is the link to the recipe I used http://www.playdoughrecipe.org/playdough-recipes/jello-playdough-recipe/Ingredients/items needed:


I find that after cooking the play dough the color changes  as well as the smell. The most appealing have been the cherry and berry blue as far as smell and color goes. So far we have tried red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Purple comes out grey (not very appealing) but one could add glitter or additional dye if desired.

This particular project is great because children can help with all but the cooking portion. I have found this project has many opportunities for discussion. Mack is to the point now that we have made it so many times he knows the ingredients by heart. I ask him what we need and then get it down from the cupboard/drawers. He looks back at the table to see what is missing (sometimes I will give him a clue that there is one item missing.). He knows everything we need down to the pot, spoon, bowl, and measuring spoons! Discussion suggestions :

  • math skills (children can count as you measure)
  • large motor/small motor
  • pouring
  • spatial relations
  • colors (and mixing of)
  • liquids/solids
  • homogeneous¬†mixtures
  • where do the items come from (flour from wheat)? (this can lead to many discussions on gardening/farming, etc.)

Now for the picture tutorial Gather all your ingredients

Measure one cup of flour, pour into bowl

Add two Tablespoons Cream of Tarter

Add two Tablespoons of Salt

Add 1 cup of water + 2 Tablespoons of oil

Add the jello and stir all together

Add extra coloring now, if desired.

Beautiful yellow!

On to part 2. Cooking and completion of the dough

See the slide show below for a picture tutorial.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a fun post!

What was your favorite feature of this post (trying out new things with format, etc)?

Have a favorite play dough recipe to share?

Explore your world today!

Nanny G

P.s.  All fixed! It appears as if my pictures dissapeared on this post. Unfortunately, I am not certain how they did or for how long.  I would be very appreciative if you see anything amiss in my blog to leave me a comment.

First Day

4 Apr

My first day was great. My morning started by looking out my window and seeing seven deer munching on the grass less than ten feet from my window. ¬†It was¬†mesmerizing¬†to watch and I lingered a while at my window with the backdrop of Pikes Peak. I was excited to be going to work, although who isn’t on their first day?

The day was a full ten hours and I certainly kept busy. I learned nap time routines and all the little things that happen during the boys’ day.

The great thing is although I am tired from my crazy month of packing and visiting friends,  I had a great day and am looking to my next day of work!

Since blogs are public  I am going to be using other names for the two boys in my care. Any ideas for some great names? If so leave me a comment below.  Also anything you are curious about or want me to expand on, leave me a comment. This blog is a work in progress and my audience in part will determine its path.

Thanks for stopping by to see how my day was.  There are so many things you could be doing and I am honored you stopped by!

Until next time,

Nanny G

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