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“That is why I love you all the way to 64!”

20 May

Mack is learning what numbers mean and today while putting sunscreen on his face he worried about me getting sunscreen in his eyes (hasn’t happened yet but seriously why are children suddenly so squirrely when you apply sunscreen? Is it the anticipation of going outside to play perhaps?). I let him know I would be careful and that if he held still it would make it easier for me to not get it into his eyes. That’s when he proclaimed “That’s why I love you all the way to 64!” Well, I’m not sure exactly what that means, but his tone of voice and big smile let me know that this meant quite a bit!

The boys have grown so much over the past year. Year, did I just say that? I sure did, can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly! They have grown up so much and continue to amaze me each day.

We had so much fun this week. We made paper bag puppets, checked out some fun books, and gave mom her mother’s day gift. All these will be posts for a later time in more detail but for now I wanted to get some of my thoughts down.

Little one is not so little any more. His favorite word it “no!” and “right now!’ Gentle reminders of ‘more please’ rather than ‘right now!’ are a daily occurrence. He is becoming independent and learning just how powerful words are.

Here is a sneak peek at a puppet we made. Find out what he and his friends are in the next post

What am I?

What am I?

Hope you have sunshine where you are!

Nanny G


“There is a baby sleeping and it is, like my brother”

25 Oct


I hear pitter patter of little feet going past the room I am in towards the bathroom. Mack’s little voice pipes up (in all seriousness)”And actually, would you please be quiet? Because there is a baby sleeping and it is, like, my bother.” I burst out laughing (best laugh I have had in weeks) as I am rocking his brother to sleep. There is no way I could have contained this laughter, you would be laughing as well if you could have heard the tone of his voice as he said it. He was speaking to the man working on the tile and as the older brother wanted to make sure this gentleman understood his brother was sleeping. This sure made my job easier!

Earlier that morning we were playing in the playroom and Mack was having a challenging time sharing with his brother. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Me: ‘Sometimes we have to share our space and things even when we don’t want to. But, there are times we can have things to ourselves. When your brother is sleeping is a great time you can have your things to yourself.’

A bit of time passes…

Me: ‘I am the oldest in my family and I shared sometimes, even when I didn’t want to.’

A thoughtful look comes across Mack’s face and he earnestly asks

Mack: ‘Sarah, did you get Fruster..ratted sometimes?”

Me: ‘Yes, sometimes I did get frustrated’

I really enjoy how Mack is putting things together that he knows such as that I would get frustrated just like him. Also the bigger words he is using in context are enjoyable to hear.

We also painted pumpkins today. Mack has been pretty adamant about doing things on his own without me so I assumed this might be the case and gave him his paints and pumpkin. It was his pumpkin and if he wanted to share he would let me know. He was painting along and then suddenly said “Actually, I would like you to paint with me” I gladly obliged.

We then looked at some pictures of pumpkins with faces and he determined that some of them looked scary. I had the idea to paint an example on paper of what we could do to the next pumpkin. He was more than happy to paint a happy face with me on the next pumpkin. Here is our two-sided boy-girl pumpkin.

Little one continues using new sounds and is really trying to communicate the word banana. I had given him some banana on his tray and set the rest on the counter. He points his little index finger at the counter and says ‘blah, blah.’  That same day as daddy was leaving for work instead of saying the usual ‘da da,’ he pipes up ‘daddy, daddy.’ He is becoming more toddler like every day. Looking back on pictures of him his baby face has certainly gone away and he very much looks more like a toddler.

Make good memories and savor them!

Nanny G

p.s. had some technical difficulities with my posts recently. Appreciate your patience with me uploading them 🙂

Memory Monday

15 Oct

Here we are with the start of Memory Monday, the very first one.  I looking forward to this new schedule, it gives me a mission with my blogs. This past week I have several memories that stick out to me.

Little one is a pro walker now, sure keeps me active. He is starting to say many words; ball, No!, uh-oh, being his favorites (right along side Mama and Dada). I had forgotten how watching and observing a child learn to speak is so rewarding. He tried very diligently to say the word banana, carefully watching my mouth move and sounding out parts of the word.

One of my favorite moments with him was during a time I was rocking him for an afternoon nap. He heard an airplane and immediately sat up and pointed up at the ceiling. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed at the distraction from sleep, but sleep came soon enough.  Little one observes the smallest things,  he notices airplanes and birds, often before I do. Not to mention he is a pro at finding the littlest things in the most obscure places.

Always noticing the airplanes

Mack said ‘I love you’ for the first time this week. I was getting set to leave for the evening and he wanted a big hug. He then gave me the most genuine ‘I love you, Sarah’, I have every heard.  Aww, doesn’t that just melt your heart?! Sure does mine.

He also made some choices on his own that lead to a great opportunity for both of us. While putting his brother down for a nap he had a stack of new library books to look at.  It was taking a while to get his brother down, due to the distraction of the airplanes as described above. Naturally, he finished the books before I was finished. He made the decision to get out his markers and a pad of paper. Upon emerging from his brother’s room I found him sitting on the couch drawing intently, which brought a smile to my face. This lead to a great discussion about patience. We (parents and I) have been reminding him to be patient. Patience has been a challenging concept for him to grasp. This was a great opportunity to let him know he made a choice in being patient. Also a reminder to him (and myself) that patience is waiting until someone is finished with something, often finding something else to do while waiting. He also made the choice to draw, as opposed to the many things he could have chosen to do (which has been the case in past times). I let him know that he made a good choice by coloring, I also let him know I was proud of his patience. This brought a smile that couldn’t have been any broader.

I am blessed with wonderful memories from this past week. Looking forward to sharing with you my memories next week.

Catch you on Wednesday for Wacky Wednesday and the first challenge, your ready for this?  The challenge will not be too challenging, more fun and creative!

What memories do you have from this week?

Do you have a little one just starting to use identifiable words?

I would enjoy hearing about ideas or thoughts on this post in the comments below.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Make marvelous memories this week!

Nanny G

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